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The Big Five-Oh Fun!

Words cannot describe how much #fun we had at Michelle & Mandy's big #birthdaybash! It all started when Michelle had an amazing idea that she and her bestie would ring in their #fabulous #50th birthday by hosting an epic #decades party celebrating the #groovy 60s all the way to the #phat 90s. No true decades party would be complete without disco balls, glow sticks, costumes, pop rocks, neon, Rubik's Cubes...and believe us, they had IT ALL!!!

They chose to celebrate at La Scala Pizzeria in the Village Circle area of Westlake. La Scala has delicious food as well as a super friendly, family-operated atmosphere. They even rolled out the #redcarpet for each guest to have their special moment to #workit & enter with style! Some featured guests included Carrie Bradshaw, Boy George, Austin Powers, MC Hammer, plenty of #hippies and of course the #discostuds!

The DJ was playing some #gnarly hits of each decade while the entire crew was #gettinjiggy with it! At one point in the night, they even jumped on the party train and cruised the entire place! These peeps were a blast to photograph and party with and we can't wait to be part of their next big bash! Michelle and her friends sure know how to party!

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