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Taylor + Vic

Whenever we found out about Vic wanting to surprise Taylor with a #proposal in the park, we were over-the-moon for the idea! After spending lots of time carefully planning and strategizing with Vic and Taylor's sweet mom, we were finally able to make it happen!

The serenity of the lake, gorgeous cascading trees and the beautiful bridge of #HighlandPark's #LakesidePark was Vic's choice and we think he chose the perfect setting to pop the question.

Taylor thought they were headed out to #datenight but he wanted to make a quick stop for a stroll in a new park. Meanwhile, we were hiding in bushes and behind trees to capture that #specialmoment for this beautiful couple. It wasn't long before he walked her close to the lake's edge and got down on one knee to ask his #bride-to-be to marry him...and of course she said, "YES!"

After the proposal, we all were able to relax and continue with a fun photoshoot! We enjoyed listening to their love story of how they met on April 2nd as well as their #honeymoon location ideas. Our hearts almost exploded when Vic told us that he intentionally wore his white shirt because it was the same one he wore on the night they met! How adorably #romantic is that?!!

These two are so in love and it was evident by the way they looked at each other during the entire session. We hope they enjoy the #fiancé & wedding planning season and we wish them a lifetime of #happiness and #blessings for many years to come!


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