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Sweet "T" Joins the Family

Kent & Kristin are both fellow teacher friends of ours and we were delighted to find out they were expecting at the end of a busy #schoolyear. Of course, we were even more ecstatic when they asked us to be their #newbornphotographers whenever Miss Teagan arrived. Kristin proudly completed her mission of trying to finish out the school year before #babygirl made her debut into the world.

This sweet baby is so #blessed with very loving and talented parents. Her nursery was already decorated beautifully with daddy's #artistic touches as well as with some of mommy's special #childhoodtoys. From flowers on the walls to #CabbagePatchBabies in the is complete with lots of love and is a very special room indeed.

Teagan is also a little sister to her proud fur-brother, Thor, who is so sweet with her. He definitely wanted to be in on all of the photo action!

Our hearts were so full as we captured the most precious moments for the sweet Thornell family and wish them the best as they enter the wonderful world of #parenting! There is no greater job!

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