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Baby Brooks Turns One

We have had the honor of capturing this precious little one since he was just an adorable #bump in his momma's tummy so of course we were delighted to make this #smashcake session come to life!

It was a hot #Texas summer morning, which meant we were all glowing nicely about 5 minutes into the session, but we didn't let it slow us down. We enjoyed watching his eyes light up at the sight of the balloons his daddy delivered. Then after a few fun shots of Brooks with his family, it was time to do what babies do best....smash a cake!!!

He wasn't so sure about it at first, but whenever mom and dad joined the party, he was thrilled! They might've even enjoyed the cake more than him! It all ended with lots of messy cake crumbs and the appearance of a precious #babybooty!

We wish him the BEST #firstbirthday and hope to capture many more #milestones for him in the future!

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