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About Us

It's the little things. 

Capture the moments that matter the most.

We are two friends, wives, mothers, teachers, sisters, and daughters 

who share a love for capturing memories.



I'm a Texas born momma of two boys and have the most supportive husband, the craziest family and the best friends any girl can ask for.


I have always loved taking pictures and capturing memories.  I have boxes and boxes of pictures from my childhood - most taken by me!  In high school, I picked up a camera and shot for my yearbook.  And I think I've scrapbooked just about anything I could!

After having my first son in 2015, I picked up my camera again.  This time was different though - I was shooting to capture these tiny moments that I never wanted to forget.


My love for photography has grown over the years.  With it, I have found so much joy capturing memories for so many families.  



I’m a wife, mom of two precious kiddos, teacher and lover of photography.  I’m a native Texan and a proud graduate of Texas A&M class of 2005. 


I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures starting from a young age.  You can imagine how thrilled my parents would be to wait weeks to develop our 35mm film only to find photos of baby dolls and Fisher Price Little People!


Now that I have a family of my own and real little people in my life, my passion for photography has reignited.  I absolutely love capturing our magical family moments from their first steps to them first stepping into school!  


I couldn’t be more proud to partner with Miranda to help bless others by capturing their own magical moments!

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