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And Baby Emerson Makes Four!

We were so delighted when Katie reached out to us to capture her precious baby girl’s first few #familymoments at home. We’ve known and loved Katie for many years as we both had the privilege of teaching across the hall from her.

Sweet Emerson entered this world in a quick but calm manner and didn’t seem to change her ways during the shoot. She is such a sweet baby and clearly loved dearly by her big bro, Beckett! Her #floral nursery was a perfect place to snap some beautiful moments with her family…even their dog, Presley, joined in for a loving lick on her toes. We all exploded with laughter when big brother decided he wanted to “kiss” his sister’s toes Presley #pooch style!

He sure does love Miss Emerson. He even held her hands when she was getting upset and told her, “it’s ok…I’m here!” What a doll!

We had smiles on our faces the entire shoot from Emerson’s precious poses to Beckett’s #sillyadventures. To top it all off, he even turned into #SuperBigBrother complete with his cape and mask to save the day! Miss Emerson, surely has nothing to worry about with him on her side as well as an amazing mommy and wonderful daddy who love her lots!

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