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Capturing the Chamberlin Crew

This precious family is near and dear to my heart since I had the honor of teaching their oldest son, Jeremy, in my pre-k class this year. He is such a sweet young man with a family that is just as precious.

AnnaLisa approached us about needing pictures since they recently added Timothy (the roliest-poliest, happiest baby EVER) to their crew and Miranda & I were so happy to be able to capture some #sweetmoments with him as well as the rest of the Chamberlins.

Kadey and Momma somehow kept beautiful smiles even though they were surrounded by so many #sillyboys. We were able to have a little fun with them by stomping like #dinosaurs and even busting out some #kungfufighting!

We finished off our night capturing some t-ball #bosses sporting their new uniforms and excitement for the game. This session was a #homerun for sure and we enjoyed spending the evening with this adorable family of six!

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