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Back to School

We just finished three weeks of #backtoschool mini sessions. Although we welcomed the rain that delayed us, we were excited to meet so many new #friends and wished lots of little girls and boys a #happyfirstdayofschool.

This mini session is definitely close to our hearts. For the both of us, it is the first time in twelve years that we are not #teaching under the same roof. Wow! Every time we go on a #targetrun, it's a weird feeling to just cruise by the school supplies and not pick any up. It's a little scary....a lot scary; however, it is very exciting because that means we get to spend more time #capturingmemories through #clickychicksphotography!

I (Miranda) always loved the beginning of the school year - as a child and as an adult. As a child - smelling the new box of crayons, getting new shoes, and the anticipation of who your teacher was going to be - those were some of my favorite things! As a teacher - buying fun pens to grade with, a really good stapler, and your own paper cutter - those are the little things that would get me excited. And just like a child - getting to meet the kiddos and families you'd be spending the year with. I always loved school and I still do.

We are so excited about this upcoming #schoolyear! We've got some really fun #minisessions planned to finish out the year, but what we are more excited about is continuing to #supportteachers! Y'all, teachers work so hard - make sure you #showthemsomelove!

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