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Fresh 48 with Eden James

We were THRILLED, to say the least, whenever Jessica approached us about capturing her baby’s first few days in this world! We had never photographed a #fresh48 and could NOT wait!

The anticipation was also building as the days approached for Jessica and Joey Pomerenke along with big sister Georgia & big brother Lennon to find out if this #bundleofjoy was a boy or girl!

They got the surprise of their life when sweet baby Eden James graced them all with her presence on 3/3/19 at 3:25PM (fun fact...3/25 was her actual due date!). If you know Jessica, you’ll understand how amazing this made her feel when all of her dates & numbers lined up perfectly!

Jessica has been like a sister to me since we’ve been #besties for over 20 years now. It was definitely an honor to be able to capture the pure joy of watching this #happycouple welcome their beautiful baby girl into the world!

Miranda and I arrived just in time for her #firstbath! She was not thrilled about it at first, but you can see the look of relaxation all over Eden’s face whenever the nurse washed and combed her hair while she was snuggled in her towel.

She had many outfit changes and rocked each one like the perfect lil baby model she was. She even opened her gorgeous eyes for us as she stared at her beautiful mommy & proud daddy! It was truly something special to witness their overwhelming love for her already as they each snuggled, eskimo-kissed and lent a finger (or pinky) her way.

Baby Eden is clearly loved by so many and God has #blessed her with a wonderful family! We loved meeting this sweet baby girl and look forward to many more #photoshoots with her adorable self!

Enjoy some of the #preciousmoments we captured during our visit.

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