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Taking a Leap

One of the hardest things in life is getting out of your comfort zone.

We've been #teachers for twelve years. Although, I (Miranda), had already scaled back to just part time - this is the first year that both of us are not getting a classroom ready. Instead, we are getting our Back to School Mini Session ready! It is strange and scary at that same time.

I've (Miranda) have been taking pictures for quite a while, but really started working with families these past two years. I was so honored when Stephanie reached out to me and asked if I'd take her #newborn pictures. From there, this crazy idea started!!

Stephanie had been thinking about staying home and I had also been thinking of letting my two part time jobs go. Stephanie is super #creative and I had been already photographing families and taking classes that this was the #perfectmatch!

And so one day, we sat in my newborn's nursery - we searched online, are two older ones played and screamed, I nursed the little guy, my husband brought us fuel #chickfila, we talked, we laughed, and we took a leap!

Thanks for letting us share our #clickychicks journey with you! Here's to making some amazing #memories!

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Janie Hall
Janie Hall
13 ago 2018

Two amazing women with a passion to create beautiful life time their vision!

Mi piace
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